Timeless Isle Guide: Coins, Achievements, Maps, Rares, and More

  • Burning Soul – Inflicts 50000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 10 sec. On expiration, the player explodes, inflicting 300000 Fire damage to players within 8 yards and knocking them up.
  • Pool of Fire – Creates a pool of fire that inflicts 50000 Fire damage every 1 sec.
  • Ancient Flame – Summons an orb that inflicts 50000 Fire damage to the nearest player every 2 sec. and increases Fire damage taken by 5% for 10 sec.
  • DeadlyEternal Agony – After 5 minutes, Ordos channels all of his power into a massive ball of magma, inflicting 300000 Fire damage to all players every 1 sec.

  • Shaohao Reputation

    皇帝少昊 is a new faction on the 永恒岛. There are no daily quests or "mandatory" epics to grind out for this reputation--it's all about killing things on the 永恒岛 for vanity loot!

    After a mid-week hotfix, 迷雾行者之道 now grants +250 reputation. This is the only daily quest that gives reputation with Shaohao.

    The quartermaster, 织雾者顾严, is located on the eastern side of the Celestial Court on the 永恒岛. He sells the following items.

    Requires Friendly:
    • 愤怒面具: "Carved by the Monkey King for Shaohao, this mask draws the anger from its bearer when worn." 0 永恒铸币
    • 猜忌面具: "Carved by the Monkey King for Shaohao, this mask draws the doubt from its bearer when worn." 0 永恒铸币
    • 恐惧面具: "Carved by the Monkey King for Shaohao, this mask draws the fear from its bearer when worn." 0 永恒铸币
    • 憎恨面具: "Carved by the Monkey King for Shaohao, this mask draws the hatred from its bearer when worn." 0 永恒铸币
    • 暴虐面具: "Carved by the Monkey King for Shaohao, this mask draws the violence from its bearer when worn." 0 永恒铸币

    Requires Honored:

    Requires Revered:

    Requires Exalted:

    Reputation is primarily earned through killing yaungol and fire elementals on the 永恒岛.

    There are essentially three different places to farm reputation. It is best to farm reputation in a group of five players--being in a raid will decrease the reputation earned. You may also want to farm certain areas for special loot drops for 需要一个大背包 or inscription techniques, included below:

    Rare spawns also give additional reputation--however the reputation amount will decrease based on the number of people that have tagged it.

    Reputation Tips

    Each area has pros and cons to farming:
    • Firewalker Ruins:This area is the easiest to solo and has fast respawns in a small area, but the reputation granted per mob is low. It's pretty efficient to group up, pull everything to the center, and AoE.
    • Blazing Way: This area is convenient if you are trying to also kill 剪叶者, 惑龙, and 落烬. 炽燃的狂战士 is the easiest mob to kill when soloing. The mobs in general are pretty spread out, except by Shrine of the Black Flame, which will require a party for the 不朽的掌炉者. A neat detail is that these mobs are really into herbing--they drop herb-themed items, cast 劫掠, and have lots of alchemy elixirs lying around in 斡耳朵补给品.
    • Ordon Sanctuary: The mobs here grant the most reputation but are the hardest to kill between 不朽的掌炉者's 炽热猛击 and 斡耳朵斯高阶祭司 using the most annoying abilities from each other Yaungol. You will need a group for this as well as a legendary cape on one character to jump across the bridge gap. There are creative ways to make it across the gap without a cape, but since the mobs are difficult to kill, it is hard to find a group while undergeared.

    Reputation bonuses work on these mobs:
    • 协同战旗/协同战旗: Grants 15% bonus reputation for all guild members within 100 yards. Banner will despawn if you get too far away or die, so consider picking up 协作战旗/协作战旗 and 协和战旗/协和战旗 as well as backups.
    • 耶!: Grants 10% reputation gains for up to an hour if you ride the Darkmoon Carousel. Downside is that this buff can only be acquired during the Faire, and if you die, you have to return to the Faire to get it.
    • 声望阁下: Guild perk that increases reputation from killing monsters and completing quests by 10%.
    • Holiday buffs that stack with other reputation buffs, like 无忧者 for Hallow's End.


    There are several introductory quests to the 永恒岛 award reputation:

    • 末代皇帝: Speak with Emperor Shaohao. +250 reputation
    • 永恒精魄: Consume a ripe crispfruit, sand-covered egg, charged crystal, huge yak roast, roasted seed, or fire poppy on the Timeless Isle. +250 reputation
    • 天神悟道圣坛: Find an active Time-Lost Shrine and request a blessing from the Celestials. +250 reputation
    • 驱退烈焰: Earn an Honored Reputation with Shaohao by defeating yaungol forces on the Timeless Isle. +250 reputation
    • 烈焰祭司阿克鲁斯: Summon and defeat the Archiereus of Flame. +250 reputation

    Blizzard also made 迷雾行者之道 a daily quest that awards 250 reputation.

    Battle Pets

    There are three wild pets unique to the 永恒岛, several sold by vendors, as well as other battle pets that drop from rare spawns.

    灰翼蛾 焰光蛾 天灵蛾
    Abilities: 空袭, 灵气, 恶臭之球, 狂风, 茧缚之击, 飞蛾之尘 Abilities: 燃烧, 茧缚之击, 灵气, 空袭, 愈体之焰, 飞蛾之尘 Abilities: 切削之风, 茧缚之击, 飞蛾之尘, 鲁莽之击, 法术反制, 召唤闪电

    Note: 天灵蛾 is hard to reach since it only spawns in areas that you'd think you need a flying mount for. But if you attack a 疾风信天翁, it will pick you up and fly you around the island until you attack it again--great for reaching obscure areas.


    红玉小水滴 菊苣嬉闹者
    Item: 灰叶小林精
    Source: 剪叶者
    Abilities: 毒枝, 日光术, 纠缠根须, 重拳, 狂野魔法, 荆棘术
    Item: 红玉小水滴
    Source: 加尼亚
    Abilities: 酸蚀之触, 潜水, 疫病之血, 吸收, 气泡, 吸血
    Item: 菊苣嬉闹者
    Source: Scary Sprite
    Abilities: 抓挠, 荆棘术, 光合作用, 铁木树皮, 毒枝, 纠缠根须


    Item: 致死小蝰蛇
    Source: 帝王巨蟒
    Abilities: 剧毒长牙, 穿刺创伤, 钻地, 毒牙, 蜷伏, 致盲剧毒
    Item: 酒灵臭臭
    Source: 泛酸的筑汞
    Abilities: 酒雾之箭, 泥石流, 酩酊大醉, 掷桶, 腐臭之酒, 酒精炸药

    钳爪小螃蟹 幼年巨口蛙 古赤的蚕宝宝
    Item: 钳爪小螃蟹
    Source: 凶暴钳爪蟹
    Abilities: 割裂, 多刺甲壳, 湍流旋涡, 三连击, 治疗波, 沐血
    Item: 幼年巨口蛙
    Source: 布佛
    Abilities: 水流喷射, 泥石流, 蜂拥, 青蛙的吻, 剧毒外皮, 邪爆
    Item: 古赤的蚕宝宝
    Source: 虫群先锋古赤
    Abilities: 噬咬, 酸蚀粘液, 吞噬, 蜂拥, 咀嚼, 钻地


    玉火焰灵 翠雾舞者
    Item: 不祥焰灵
    Source: 恶兆之火
    Abilities: 燃烧, 灵气, 焚烧, 灵火之箭, 灼燃大地, 恶兆诅咒
    Item: 玉火焰灵
    Source: 恶兆之火
    Abilities: 玉火吐息, 翡翠灵气, 愈体之焰, 玉爪, 献祭, 消隐
    Item: 翠雾舞者
    Source: 翠雾舞者
    Abilities: 蒸汽喷吐, 玉肤术, 酸雨, 玉爪, 祈雨舞, 喷泉



    雪福,雪怒的幼崽 玉兰,玉珑的子嗣
    Item: 赤芝,赤精的雏鸟
    Source: 3 天神铸币
    Abilities: 烈焰之羽, 宁静, 虚无之界, 空袭, 狂野魔法, 假死
    Item: 雪福,雪怒的幼崽
    Source: 3 天神铸币
    Abilities: 幽灵爪, 喂食, 复仇, 撕咬, 月火术, 潜行
    Item: 玉兰,玉珑的子嗣
    Source: 3 天神铸币
    Abilities: 吐息, 翡翠灵气, 离地升空, 碧火闪电, 天神的祝福, 生命交换
    暴怒小箭猪 祥和小箭猪
    Item: 皂皂,砮皂的幼犊
    Source: 3 天神铸币
    Abilities: 践踏, 迎头冲撞, 砮皂冲锋, 角击, 祈愿, 统御
    Item: 暴怒小箭猪
    Source: 100 染血铸币
    Abilities: 撕咬, 灵魂尖刺, 侧击, powerball, 生存, 复仇
    Item: 祥和小箭猪
    Source: Shaohao reputation
    Abilities: 撕咬, 幽灵打击, 幻象屏障, 强力球, 灵魂尖刺, 幽魂脊刺


    Item: 天青雏鹤
    Source: Crane Nest
    Abilities: 飞羽, 净化之雨, 鲁莽之击, 群殴, 治疗之泉, 汹涌
    Item: 疯癫猴
    Source: Drop
    Abilities: 贯日突, 发疯!, 强力一击, 撕咬, 躲闪, 旋风击

    More details about the tournament can be found in our Celestial Tournament Guide and Battle Pet Team Calculator. For now, players with at least 15 max-level pets can queue up for it on the 永恒岛.



    Name Achievement
    完整的扎西姆 Help Zarhym find his body in the Cavern of Lost Spirits on Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment.
    天神挑战者 Complete the trials of all four Celestials, besting them each in combat on the Timeless Isle. Required for the legendary questline.
    哪里有海盗,哪里就有宝藏 Obtain the 沉没的宝箱, 无赖的海难货物, and 闪闪发光的宝物袋 on the Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment.
    宝藏,到处都是宝藏 Detailed PTR comment.
    永恒精魄 Consume all of the sources of Timeless Nutriment on the Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment
    昔日的传奇/永恒的传奇 These four items share numerous spawn points, and clicking on them grants a 10 min buff that are needed to open Spelurk's cave. Detailed PTR comment
    不朽的勇士 Defeat all of the rare creatures of the Timeless Isle listed below. Check out the Wowhead Rare Elite Guide for locations.
    罗洛之谜 Solve Rolo's Riddle on the Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment
    朝圣之旅 Obtain the blessings of all four Celestials at Time-Lost Shrines on the Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment. Sometimes you'll be hit for 999,999 damage instead though from 斡耳朵斯的燃祭.
    杀戮时光 Defeat all of the creatures of the Timeless Isle listed below. These are for non-rares.
    需要一个大背包 Obtain all of the rare items from the Timeless Isle listed below. Detailed PTR comment.
    面朝黄土 Check for loot in suspicious places throughout the Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment.
    超级宝藏猎人 Find and loot the Gleaming Treasure Chest, Rope-Bound Treasure Chest, and a Mist-Covered Treasure Chest on the Timeless Isle. Detailed PTR comment
    皇帝少昊 Earn Exalted status with Emperor Shaohao.
    斡耳朵斯 Defeat Ordos, Fire-God of the Yaungol, atop the Timeless Isle. Requires completion of the legendary questline to fight him.

    Bloody Coins

    Name Achievement
    斡耳朵斯密使 Use the 不灭苦痛香炉 obtained from Speaker Gulan on the Timeless Isle.
    护烛者 Obtain 10 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.
    死士 Obtain 100 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.
    掌炉者 Obtain 1000 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.
    烈焰守护者 Obtain 2000 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.

    Maps and Explanations

    Some of the achievements require more detailed explanations, so we've provided some maps and additional details on the achievement criteria.


    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 000

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 001

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 002

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 003

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 004

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 005

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 006

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 007

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 008

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 009

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 010

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 011

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 012

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 013

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 014

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 015

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 016

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 017

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 018

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 019

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 020

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 021

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 022

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 023

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 024

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 025

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 026

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest 027

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Stump Center

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Stump SW Shore

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Stump West

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Ordo Lake Lower

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Steam Shore

    FLAG quest:古老的箱子028

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Carry Bird 1
    (Requires Albatross)

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Gulp Frogs

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Hammer Cavern
    (Inside Mysterious Den, use 昔日的传奇 buffs to break in)

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Carry Bird 2
    (Requires Albatross)

    嵌颅宝箱 (Inside Cave)
    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Cavern of Lost Spirits

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Ordo Chest 000

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Ordo Chest 001

    FLAG quest:One-Time Chest - Blazing Chest

    You must loot 25 out of 42 chests on the island--1x 炽燃宝箱, 1x 嵌颅宝箱, 2x 阴燃宝箱, 4x 坚固宝箱, 17x 覆苔宝箱.

    To see if you've already found a chest or not, type this command:
    /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(xxxxx))

    "xxxx" represents the tracking quest ID.

    For a detailed explanation of each chest's flag quests, locations, coordinates, and macros, check out Voxxel's excellent post.

    These quests can only be looted once ever and can contain 永恒铸币 and various BoA tokens.


    Gleaming Treasure Chest
    FLAG quest:Pillar Hopping Tracking Quest
    Rope-Bound Treasure Chest
    FLAG quest:Rope Drop Tracking Quest
    Mist-Covered Treasure Chest
    FLAG quest:Feather Fall Tracking Quest
    Find and loot the 闪闪发光的宝箱, 绳索捆扎的宝箱, and a 雾气缭绕的宝箱 on the Timeless Isle.
    • 闪闪发光的宝箱: Located on the fourth stone pillar to the northeast of Pi'jiu Village. To reach it, head to the Firewalker Ruins and successfully jump across four pillars.
    • 绳索捆扎的宝箱: Located by the broken bridge going to the Ordon Sanctuary, this one will require you to jump between the stone pillars and tightwalk rope. A good place ot start jumping from is at 60.2, 45.9.
    • 雾气缭绕的宝箱: Located by the Blazing Way, this is between two of the bridges. Click on the statue to get shot up into the air, and as you're descending slowly with 神鹤展翅. click on the temporarily-spawned 雾气缭绕的宝箱.

    These chests can be completed weekly.


    Check for loot in suspicious places throughout the Timeless Isle.


    These four items share numerous spawn points, and clicking on them grants a 10 min buff with a fun visual effect:


    First Clue
    Second Clue
    Third Clue


    Sunken Treasure
    FLAG quest:Sunken Hozen Treasure - Tracking Quest
    Blackguard's Jetsam
    FLAG quest:Tracking Quest - Spectral Pirate Treasure
    Gleaming Treasure Satchel
    FLAG quest: Pirate Ship Mast Tracking Quest

    Obtain the Sunken Treasure, Blackguard's Jetsam, and Gleaming Treasure Satchel on the Timeless Isle.

    These chests can be looted weekly.



    Gathering on the 永恒岛 rewards a small amount of 永恒铸币. In addition, elixirs are drops on the 永恒岛.


    You will then learn 熊猫人八宝汤面餐车, which makes 300 stat food! Requires 5 each of all 300 stat food to make. You also unlock a daily quest, 汤面时间, that rewards an 铁掌徽记, as well as a bonus objective, 汤面时间:奖励.


    • In the section below, we have listed the sources of each glyph unique to the 永恒岛, next to their description.
    • Check out our preview of cosmetic 5.4 glyphs here.

    New Minor Glyphs

    New Minor Glyphs

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